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Opinion – Juca Kfouri: Talent beats effort


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In the 12th Majestic in a row at Morumbi, with more than 54,000 fans, the record of São Paulo’s invincibility ended.

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As much as the hosts hammered throughout the first half, in two attacks, in the only two finals by Corinthians, Adson made it 2-0, in passes from Fagner on the right and from Roger Guedes on the left.

The difference was in the talent left in the Parque São Jorge team and the Morumbi team lacking.
To expect from the classic the quality that was seen between Palmeiras and Flamengo would be more than an exaggeration, it would even sound like cowardice.

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Also in the final stage, the tricolor ants did not stop, they deserved better luck, with the ball close to the crossbar, in the crossbar, but the experienced alvinegra constellation did not seem to be bothered.
If that wasn’t enough, towards the end of the game, coach Fernando Lázaro still used Giuliano and, mainly, Paulinho, nine months later.

But as soon as they went in, Luciano made it 1-2 and the game caught fire.
With eight minutes of added time, anything was possible, but only once, and for very little, again with Luciano, São Paulo threatened to tie.

Workers have a future. The stars have passed.


If there are questions that are apparently insoluble for humanity, and there are several such as violence against women and racism, refereeing in sport is one more of them — although incomparably less important.

The last weekend was full of examples, in Brazil, in the United States and in England. In football and basketball.

The Flamengo supporters complain about the decisive fourth Palmeiras goal in Brasília, for the Super Cup, when Mayke, in an offside position, would have interfered with goalkeeper Santos’ performance and VAR did not bother to call the whistle blower to interpret the move.

Much worse happened in Brighton, for the FA Cup, when the Frenchman Konaté, from Liverpool, with a yellow card, punched the Argentine Mac Allister, in a move with a clear and manifest possibility of scoring and, it could only have been to not expel the defender, nor call the clamorous foul his lordship scored.

Brighton aren’t up in arms because they turned the tables and won 2-1 to eliminate the Reds.
The arbitration trio in Boston was not far behind, in the game between the Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers, for the NBA.
In the last second, tied 105 to 105, LeBron James received a resounding slap on the arm from Jason Tatum, under the basket, and nothing was scored.

As the challenge requests had already run out, overtime came and Boston Celtic won by 125 to 121, to the dismay of LeBron who most likely would have converted at least one of the two bids that he was robbed of for not marking the foul.

Nothing justifies attitudes like those of Abel Ferreira, when he threw tantrums in every game, and even kicked microphones as he did with Mané Garrincha when he complained about a corner kick not granted.

But if the human eye is flawed, the electronic aid imperfect and the whistle of the blowers a true Geni, it becomes difficult to throw stones at those who are competing.

It takes Job’s patience to endure what Mac Allister and LeBron James endured.

As for Abel Ferreira, passionately victorious, and irritatingly complaining, in addition to a gag, he now needs a chain on his legs.


Will Gabriel Menino be a better substitute for Danilo than Gerson for João Gomes?

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