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In Paania for three months the training of the National teams!


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Free concession of Peanias in the National teams by George Vardinogiannis!

As it became known, EPO came to an agreement with him “captain” for unpaid concession of training center of Peaniain which the National teams of Greece will train from April 1 and for three months.

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This move, we remind you, is due to the works that have started for it reconstruction of Hellinikon and they affect him too Agios Kosmas.

The relevant announcement of the EPO:

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The Executive Committee of the Hellenic Football Federation during its meeting today approved the use of the sports center of Paiana by the National Football Teams for three months.

The concession of the sports center in question will be made without financial consideration and will start from April 1, 2023. The use of the Agios Kosmas training center by EPO will end on March 31, 2023.

The EPO is obliged to express its thanks to Giorgos Vardinogiannis for the unpaid concession of the sports center of Paiana.

In the meantime, the EPO will continue contacts to seek a permanent solution for the training center of the National Teams”.

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