Lucescu: “I’m not crazy, they attack me because they know I’m telling the truth”

Lucescu: “I’m not crazy, they attack me because they know I’m telling the truth”

In detail, what he said at the press conference:

For the impact of his constant references to arbitration: “I have not spoken personally about anyone, they have attacked me and I speak with arguments. They attack me, I like it because inside they know that Lucescu is telling the truth. I am not blind, I have my opinion, there are groups that are protected. In contrast to us, a penalty was given today, a few days ago against Panathinaikos, in the 60′, not a single red card was given. We’re not bastards on the field, who are we? With Sastre, Soares, Constantelia and Narey? We try to play one way and that’s our job. Tell us a situation that the referee helped us and see what is happening around the other teams.

I am not crazy to say that a title was stolen when what happened, when OSFP comes to play in Toumba with the intention of not fighting to get the three points. See last year’s final where this penalty was awarded. If we go back three weeks before the final, a reaction from Augusto in the stands that was not ok, was given a red by VAR. Pooh showed his genitals to our bench and didn’t get punished, they were probably… big. I have experienced them so I can describe them this way.

We go game by game having a young team, we want respect and the other teams have good players and coaches, we ask for equal treatment with those teams. They may have their own media, it’s all lies, I’ll never come here to say whether a penalty was or wasn’t, I’ll say my team lost because they didn’t play right. This is the reality and this is how I live it. I never spoke about Sporar’s penalty, it was a penalty, at the end of the game we had one phase with Constantelia, I have seen 15 phases for the other three teams being given normally.”

To what he attributes the fact that his team showed nervousness: “We have a young team, combined with the fact that after this series of intense games, we wanted to convince the players about the importance of the game and how to approach it. We didn’t have the necessary solutions to refresh the team. We started well, the opponent was coherent and was low in the pitch. By 10′ we had created a goal and a chance, the phase with VAR came, then there was confusion but we found a second goal. In the second we scored, we found opportunities that we wasted, it’s normal when you’re overconfident to make a mistake and concede a goal, it’s normal to be nervous.”

For Oliveira, even if there is an addition to strengthen PAOK’s offensive line: “One and a half days left, we’ll see…”.

For Vieirania’s change: “I am a coach responsible for what happens on the pitch, I decide based on the things I see. When I see a player in his situation I have to make a decision immediately, we couldn’t risk something happening by conceding a goal and also for him. He gestured to me that there was a minute left in the match, these things happen within a team, nothing special. Nothing bad can happen between me and the footballers, it’s something that has passed.”

About what has changed since the break for the Mundial: “It is normal for us to evolve from the summer, like building a house. You lay the foundation and from there you continue until it is complete. It’s the same in football, players started to understand and connect by gaining confidence. Everyone started to feel better, we have to keep working. They are players who are not used to winning titles, game after game. This should be worked on. Today after 10′, a decision when there is a decision against you can create tremors, it is a sign that we still have a lot of work to do and we have to continue. It’s the same situation when we’re ahead, we can’t fly, in these games you can relax, it’s not like derbies.”

For Constantelia and the endings of the phases: “It’s not his strongest element, he can create fantastic over-numbers with dribbles and understanding of the game, he can provide fantastic assists. With work he can improve this part. Today maybe he was in a bit of a hurry, there was a little bounce of the ball, he had time to take a step, stop the ball and score. These are things that can be improved through work, from there on comes the psychological part”

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