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Dissolved Alimos and the stormy Olympiacos is going for the fourth Cup in a row


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It was a favorite and it proved it! The women’s polo team of Olympiakos took the second ticket to the final of the Final 4 Cup of Patras with relative comfort, breaking up with the imposing 17-7 the newcomer Brine and on Saturday (4/1) it will claim its fifth Cup and fourth consecutive in its history against Drowning.

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The match

The Olympiakos team was the one that imposed its pace from the the very first eight minutes as the Pleuritou sisters were the ones who brought the score to 7-1 with Alimos finding their only goal from Niki Piovan.

The second eight minutes started with the European champions making it 8-1 thanks to Vassos Pleuritou’s third personal goal in the semi-final. At 3:31 and after the lost attack of Alimos, Olympiacos came out on the counter and Ioanna Hydirioti scored 9-1 while in the very next attack Alimos reduced it to 9-2 with Alexandra Asimakis. About two and a half minutes before the end of the eight minute, Alimos took advantage of Tornarou’s dismissal by reaching 9-3 with Lycothanasis.

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Just a few seconds from its start third quarter, Elena Xenaki extended the lead again for Aleksandar Tsiric’s team, making it 10-3. At 5:54, Ioanna Lykothanasis with her second personal goal in the match reduced the difference to six goals again, making it 10-4. Then Tornarou and Vassiliki Pleuritou with two quick goals brought the match to 12-4, while Asimaki made it 12-5 with a very beautiful goal. The eight minutes ended with a score 14-5 thanks to the goals of Vasiliki Pleuritou and Maria Myriokephalitaki.

With the qualification to the final having essentially been decided, the quarter of eight minutes it started with the sixth goal of Alimos by Margarita Bitsakou. However, Fotini Tricha with her second personal goal in the match and Nicoleta Eleftheriadou brought the match to +10 for Olympiakos (16-6). At 3:34 before the end, Asimaki made it 17-6, reducing again for the team from the southern suburbs. The semi-final was coming to an end and a minute before the end Stefania Santa scored for the first time making it 17-7

The eight minutes: 1-7, 2-2, 2-5, 2-3

Alimos (Vangelis Pateros): Lazaris, Chaldaiou, Kovacevich, Piovan 1, Lykothanasis 2, Paterou 1, Asimaki 2, Logothetis, Mihailovic, Bitsakou M 1, Tsimara, Helmi, Karagianni, Kirkou, Bitsakou A

Olympiacos (Alexander Ciric): Diamantopoulou, Pleuritou E. 3, Hydirioti 1, Eleftheriadou, Tricha 2, Xenaki 2, Siouti, Pleuritou M. 1, Tornarou 1, Pleuritou B. 4, Christmas, Myriokephalitaki 2, Stamatopoulou, Santa 1, Tjortzakaki

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