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Spanos: “It’s a funny reason why AEK is trying to get the match on paper”


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Its owner Fearless, George Spanoswas furious with the game not being played against her AEK on the issue with the dimensions of the fire pits, stressing that the Union looked for funny versions to get the game on paper.

At the same time, he mentioned that the judgment of the game will be made by the sports judge and that the PAE of his team Peristeriou opposed her objection AEK.

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His statements in detail:

“It is sad that we have reached 2023 and the matches are judged outside the field of play. AEK filed an objection for the one beam that had a difference of some points. Neither team has posed a problem so far. We were informed by the referee at the beginning that this was indeed the case and then we did technical work and brought the difference down to a minimum.

My people tell me that in 3-4 points it was as predicted and in one there was a difference of two points. What has happened, with Atromitos having hosted European matches, it is funny why a big team, AEK, does not play the match on the pitch and takes the match on paper”.

For the next moves: “Our legal department is processing all the evidence and from there we will counter the objection with our own evidence. We ask all the competent bodies, the Deputy Ministry of Sports, the EPO, to take an official position and finally that football is not played with 1980’s practices and that they look for big teams to win this way. The sports referee will decide what will happen.”

For the Greek referees: “They are phobic. Manouhos was looking to see if the stadium had a little… anomaly, as if all stadiums in Greece are perfect. After the recommendation made to us, the issue was corrected and the match had to be played normally.”

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