Premier League team president on Manchester City case: “To be relegated!”


The strictest penalties provided for, even if they refer to removal of titles or even relegation, are reportedly demanded by the rest of the teams Premier League for the Manchester Cityif she is found guilty of the series of financial irregularities for which she is accused.

If these charges are proven, there must be an appropriate punishment and the only appropriate one is to demote them. We are talking about a decade of alleged abuse and we want the Premier League to do the right thing“, a Premier League club chairman, who wished to remain anonymous, is reported to have told the Sun. However, it set the tone for how the other teams in the category deal with the case.

The same newspaper reports that “Premier League clubs are calling for “blood” and a quick verdict. And punishment before the end of the season».

THE City accused of more than 100 breaches of Premier League funding rules, breaches of Financial Fair Play by various tricks, as well as providing false information in order to circumvent licensing and Premier League profit and sustainability regulations.

The English club, which has won the Premier League title six times since being taken over by Arab investors City Football Group, said yesterday “surprised by the league’s announcement of these alleged violations». “The club welcomes a review of this matter by an independent panel, to impartially consider the full body of indisputable evidence that exists to support its position“, City said.

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