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“Life is not just a ball”: The appeal of the Diocese for little Alexandra


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Appeal for the 11-year-old Alexandra addressed the Bishopric.

The Super League 2 team asked for help for the young lady (granddaughter of PAE vice-president Andreas Papadakis), who has been diagnosed with brain problem.

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Life is not only football, goals and walks…“, the Crete group points out at the beginning of its post, which at the end lists the way anyone can help who wants to.

The Episcopal post:

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Life is not only ball, goals and walks… It is not only tears and joys for our favorite team. It is also anxiety about life itself and its vagaries.

In these eutrapelas, unfortunately, fate plays a difficult game for the granddaughter of the vice-president of PAE Episkopi, Andreas Papadakis, who has been diagnosed with a brain problem.

Our team vice president himself is currently in the US looking for the best in medical care and coverage.

With small amounts of 5, 10, 20 or 50 euros (of course the above are also welcome) this road will become more passable for 11-year-old Alexandra.

Alexandra is a child where she starred in all her school sports.

So an appeal for immediate help to anyone who can stand by Alexandra, our Andreas and their family who are the family of our Diocese.

So donate directly here… mayO536L1Q

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