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He passed Hanover and Vouliagmeni nailed for f8


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An impressive Vouliagmeni defeated the local team in Hannover for the seventh game of the first group of the men’s Polo Champions League and with 10 points and three group wins they advanced to the f8 after taking the lead from Radniski and Jadran Split Novi.

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Kapotsis and Troulos scored 1-2 for the “babies”, while Tjorzatos saved Grosse’s penalty and Almyras scored 2-3. There, Hanover made it 4-3 and Trullou’s goal on the penalty kick completed the first eight minutes.

In the second eight minutes, Kalogeropoulos tied the game at 4-4 at the start of the second period. Nicolaidis won a penalty, but Papasifakis missed, but “reported” with the goals for 4-5 and 4-6. In the player above, Troulos made 5-7 and then Kapotsis made 5-8. Lozina dropped to 6-8, but Kalogeropoulos made it 6-9 at the end of the half.

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In the third eight minutes, Troulos and Almyras made 8-11, Troulos 8-12 and Nikolaidis 8-13 to the player above. Hanover reacted and reduced the score to 10-13, but in the final breath Kalogeropoulos made it 10-14 with a penalty.

In the fourth eight minutes, Hannover initially reduced the player above to 11-14 with Setze. A great save by Georgetzatos in an unbalanced Greek defense kept the +3 and Vladimir Vujasinovic’s players conserved in the final minutes.

The eight minutes: 4-3, 2-6, 4-5, 1-0

HANOVER (Karsten Seehafer): Getz, Korusic, Schipper 1, Froreich, Schetze 3, Radovic, Lozina 1, Grosse, Rotherbund 1, Gansen, Benic 3, Basic 2, Bock

NO VOULIAGMENIS (Vladimir Vugatsinovich): Tjortzatos, Chalivopoulos, Almyras 2, Kalogeropoulos 3, Troulos 4, Nikolaidis 1, Papasifakis 2, Woodhead, Alafragkis, Kapotsis 2, Kourouvanis, Farmer, Andreadis

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