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The return to winning ways for Juventus is a Serbian affair


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The Serbs cleaned up for the Juventus! By Vlahovic to score bis and him Kostic to add another, the Old Lady passed with an emphatic 3-0 away from home Salernitanareturning to winning ways after three straight losses in Serie A.

Somehow, the “Bianconeri” reached 26 points and climbed to 10th place, with the hosts staying 16th with 21 and +7 from the danger zone, recording their fourth defeat in the last six matches.

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The match at its beginning did not have the best possible pace, with several markings and mistakes on both sides. THE Rabio escaped the second yellow before 20 minutes, with the Juventus to… he smiles a few minutes later when o Mireti overthrown within the region by Caviliawith the… meter in penalty kicks Vlahovic (14/15 on target) to open the scoring in the 26th minute.

This goal gave a good pace to the match, with the “Bianconeri” finding a second goal at the end of the half, with Kostic to take advantage of the confusion in the opposing defense and with projection from the small area to write the 2-0 to lay solid foundations of victory for his team.

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With the beginning of the second part, the Juventus he also found a third goal, with Vlahovic to score with a great spot to make it 3-0 in the 47th minute and… effectively end the game. The match was decided early on, with Di Maria to miss a chance to score as well when his superb finish was stopped by the crossbar, with the pace dropping dramatically in the finale and the score standing.

The 21st matchday:

Saturday 04/02

Cremonese-Lecce 0-2

(58′ Batsiroto, 69′ Strefetsa)

Roma-Emboli 2-0

(2′ Ibanez, 6′ Abraham)

Sassuolo-Atalanda 1-0

(55′ Loriente)

Sunday 05/02

Spezia-Napoli 0-3

(47′ Xvaratskelia, 68′, 73′ Osimen)

Torino-Udine 1-0

(49′ Karamo)

Fiorentina-Bologna 1-2

(19′ Saponara – 14′ pen. Orsolini, 47′ Pos)

Inter Milan 1-0

(33′ Martins)

Monday 06/02

Verona-Lazio 1-1

(51′ Engog – 45′ Pedro)

Monza-Sampdoria 2-2

(32′ Petania, 90’+9′ pen. Pessina – 12′, 58′ Gabiandini)

Tuesday 07/02

Salernitana-Juventus 0-3

(26′ penalty, 47′ Vlahovic, 45′ Kostic)

The next (22nd) matchday:

Friday 10/02

Milan-Torino (21:45)

Saturday 11/02

Emboli-Spetsia (16:00)

Lecce-Roma (19:00)

Lazio-Atalanda (21:45)

Sunday 12/02

Udinese-Sassuolo (13:30)

Bologna-Monza (16:00)

Juventus-Fiorentina (19:00)

Napoli-Cremonese (21:45)

Monday 13/02

Verona-Salernitana (19:30)

Sampdoria-Inter (21:45)

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