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Beam and… Volos is in for the playoffs!


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In a game that in the first half was… soup, the second half turned into a magical show, with the Bullet to find a way with “golden” scorer Gaggi in the 90+2′ against Fearlessto get a great home win (2-1) and embrace the playoffs!

After this result, the home team remained in 5th place in the Stoiximan Super League standings, rising to 35 points, while Peristeriotes remained in 7th place with 25 points and are essentially looking for a miracle to enter the top six.

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In the minds of the coaches:

Kostas Bratsos chose the 4-2-3-1 with Kleiman under the posts and Alho, Escoval, Sielis, Si, from right to left in defence. Gatsi and Luna were in front of them as defensive midfielders, while Pires started ten. Tsirinos with Deletic were at the extremes, with Koutsia at the top.

Chris Coleman once again trusted the 4-2-3-1 with Gianniotis in goal and De Bock, Hatziisaia, Strugis, Keshrida from left to right in defense. Kuen and Eder were the two cutters with Fridjonsson in the role of organizer. Rotariou and Robay were on the wings, with Tzavidas the only forward.

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The match

With the pace being excellent but the phases being… absent, the 19th minute had to come for the first “serious” phase in Panthessalikos. There, after crosses from his teammates, Pires went to the second post, but he was unable to send the ball into the net. The first half continued to be terribly…poor in opportunities, but with Atromitos in the 29th minute you also have your own good moment. After a corner, Alho went to score… a terrible own goal with his head, but it was saved by the defenders.

Volos entered the second half determined and smiled in the 56th minute! With a great long shot from outside the area with tremendous power, Luna nailed the ball into the left corner of Gianniotis for 1-0! In fact, in the 63rd minute, Koutsias missed a great opportunity to increase the score, after he shot from an advantageous position, but the ball hit the back of Strugis. But Coleman’s changes… worked, with Jovara in the 76th minute making it 1-1! After a corner and a header from Atromitos, Kleiman made a self-sacrificing clearance over the line, with the young Greek being in the right place at the right time and pushing the ball into the net!

Atromitos was the one who, especially in the last period, threatened terribly to score and make the total upset. Tzovaras in the 81′ with a header, Robay in the 85′ with a cross and Kyartnason in the 87′ who didn’t catch the ball, failed to score and somehow the ball punished them. After stealing the ball and a quick counterattack by the Volos players at 90+2′, Gagi makes a great shot from inside the area, first on the crossbar and then on Gianniotis’ net!

The referee was Alexandros Tsakalides (Chalkidiki) with assistants Pantelis Spyropoulos (Eastern Attica) – Spyros Vasilopoulos (Evros) and the fourth was Stavros Tsimenteridis (Kozanis). In VAR, there was Stefanos Koumbarakis (Cyclades) with AVAR Giorgos Christakoglou (Halkidikis).

MARBLE (Kostas Bratsos): Kleiman, Aloch, Escoval, Sielis, Aruna, Gagi, Luna (67′ Tsokanis), Pires (80′ Kartalis), Tsirinos, Deletics (89′ Pirinen), Koutsias.

FEARLESS (Chris Coleman): Gianniotis, De Bock, Strungis, Hatzisaias, Keshrida, Gonzalez, Fridjonsson (67′ Economidis), Kuen (58′ Kamara), Robai, Rotariou (67′ Tzovaras), Tsavidas (67′ Kiartanson).

Read the match live

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