I don’t want to hide anymore, says Czech midfielder when saying he is gay


Midfielder Jakub Jankto, 27, from the Czech Republic national team, posted a message on his Instagram account and revealed that he is homosexual.

“Like everyone else, I have my virtues, I have my weaknesses, I have a family, I have my friends. I have a job that I have been doing my best for years, with seriousness, professionalism and passion. Like everyone else others, I also want to live my life with freedom, without fear, without prejudice, without violence, but with love. I am homosexual and I don’t want to hide anymore”, he says in a video.

Sparta Prague player on loan from Getafe (ESP), Janiko played in Euro 2021.

Shortly after the announcement, the club posted a message of support for the player.

“Jakub Jankto has been open about his sexual orientation with club management, coach and teammates for some time now. Everything else concerns his personal life. No further comment. No further questions. You have our support. Live your life life, Jacob. Nothing else matters”, wrote the club in the account in Czech.

The English version posted lyrics of the song “Nothing else matters” (nothing else matters, in English), by the band Metallica.

Jankto is the third active soccer player in the last two years, and the second in Europe, to come out as gay. In October last year, midfielder Joshua Cavallo, from Adelaide, Australia, had done the same, as well as striker Jake Daniels, from Blackpool, from the English second division.

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