Solely responsible for the chaos in the UEFA Champions League final and the French police!

Solely responsible for the chaos in the UEFA Champions League final and the French police!

In her manipulations UEFAbut also in what she did and… didn’t do French police falls the burden of responsibility for what took place before his final Champions League in Paris in May 2022, as reported in finding of the independent authority, which had been hired by UEFAin order to investigate the causes of the chaos, which caused the cross to be delayed by 36 minutes.

It is also clarified that the responsibility of her followers does not arise at all Liverpool and in no way are the initial claims of the European confederation about excessive numbers of fans without tickets confirmed. Also, it is emphasized that neither supposed late arrival of the English at the “Stade de France” was a suppressive factor for what happened, since the “episodes” had already started at least 3 hours before the scheduled start of the match.

Specifically, the conclusion records the inaction and inability of the police to protect the fans, who were trying to legally approach the stadium from the locals, who had invaded the surrounding area. Also, the French Authorities are accused of reckless use of chemicals and pepper spray at the expense of her followers Liverpool.

As pointed out, both UEFA and the police they didn’t have a plan B, but not a substantial plan, in order for the fans to approach the stadium and pass the turnstiles of the stadium safely. Characteristically, it seems that the organizers had relied on a similar plan, which the French federation and police were following for the finals of the domestic cup without taking into account the fact that it is a match, which would attract tens of thousands of followers from abroad.

The conclusions of the report of the independent authority headed by the Portuguese Thiago Brandao Rodriguez is one first vindication for the tens of thousands of “reds” fansin which UEFA and French police unfairly tried to throw the ball of blame.

In a strongly strict and condemning style for her UEFA and her first reaction Liverpool which underlines that it is at least disappointing that the conclusion of such an important investigation is leaked before its official publication.

Positioning in detail:

It is hugely disappointing that the report of such an important and crucial investigation into the lives of football fans and their future safety is being leaked to the public in this way.

It is over eight months of investigation by the independent Authorities and it would be right and reasonable to publish its exact contents.

We will wait to receive the official copy of the finding and review it thoroughly before commenting further.».

Editor: Charalambos Lessis

Source: Sport Fm

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