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Stamatelos: “The referee shouldn’t have shown Kanos a card, it was a special moment and he ruined it”


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His own comment about his game yesterday Olympiakou with Panaitolikos, for the 22nd matchday of the Stoiximan Super League, did Nikos Stamatelos to News Bulletin 247.

Satisfying and enjoyable yesterday’s match. In the first half, he had 75% possession, against a team that Paschalakis did not touch the ball. And he stayed with the coach to warm up to get into race pace. Olympiacos started sluggishly and Panaitolikos made it 2-1 and we all believed that there would be issues. Afterwards, Olympiacos was stormy and managed to prevail with the final 6-1“, the team’s reporter initially reported, referring to the yellow card Kanos received for lifting his shirt because he wanted to send a message about his mother, who he lost last week.

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It happened with Kanos last week and yesterday as soon as he scored the whole team fell on him, teammates on the pitch, players from the bench and the coaching staff, and the referee goes and shows him a yellow card. Let him be correct in everything else, let him not draw a card and we would not be talking about it. And if it had been a second yellow card, no one from Panaitolikos would have protested. There is the letter of the regulation and the spirit. It was a special moment and he ruined it for him“, he pointed out.

Kanos is in Mitchell’s plans and intends to give him more playing time. Next comes the match against Lamia and then the derby against Panathinaikos, where Olympiacos must actually give“, he added.

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And he concluded by saying:After all, you don’t need psychological preparation from the coach to play with PAOK in Toumba or with AEK in Philadelphia. The coach is needed with the smaller teams, like Panaitolikos yesterday and Lamia next. The coach has his responsibilities, but the players also have theirs».

Source: Sport Fm

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