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Nikologiannis: “Victory at Leoforo and with many goals for Panathinaikos to improve their mentality”


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To… fix the psychology of inside his “house” must o Panathinaikosin order to make a strong finish in the championship, according to what he mentioned in his “air”. News Bulletin 247 Tasos Nikologiannis.

I find it unlikely that Magnusson will play with Volos, because of Jovanovic’s reasoning, I think he will stick with the Schenkefeld-Sarlia duo. In general, I don’t see many changes on Saturday in the 11 of Panathinaikos. Just in case something happens to Palasios. Because he also scored the goal and is a psychological player, while also playing at home, maybe he goes with two central midfielders and Bernard moves further inside, with Mancini on one side and Palacios or Kleinheisler on the other. Panathinaikos must win at Leoforo, and especially with enough goals, to gain morale and go to the derby and also to Peristeri for the best possible, with the aim of being first in the regular season or close to the top“, he said about it.

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The station’s reporter emphasized that if everything goes well and Aitor is 100% ready in the summer, it will be a great boost for the clover.”

At the same time, Nikologiannis pointed out that if Panathinaikos wins in Volos and AEK does not win in Toumba, they will get a little differencein view of the derby with Olympiakos, which he does not “write off” anyway for winning the championship.

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While he commented that the first thing the “greens” should do in the summer is to find a leader on defensein the style of Ingason.

Listen to the audio:

Source: Sport Fm

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