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AEK escaped the disaster in overtime from the unlikely Panionios!


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The victory-qualification n AEKthe applause certainly o Panionios!

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THE Join found it dark against the “blue and red” (third division team) and risked a loss-loss, but finally prevailed in overtime with a score of 93-88 and secured qualification to its semi-finals Greek Cupwhere he will face the winner of the PAOK-Peristeri bwin match.

THE Panionios of 0 foreigners was not afraid for a moment against the AEK, had up to a 10-point lead in the match, while even when AEK seemed to gain control towards the end (80-84), the Nea Smyrni team reacted and sent the game to overtime (84-84). There, Mr Panionios he bent over from fatigue, saying goodbye to the Cup with his head held high and showing that he is ready for the return to the “big salons”.

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THE AEKon the other hand, was not only troubled by her poor performance, which came to be added to the shock defeat by Laurel for the Basket League, but he is also deeply concerned about them Mitchell and Miles, who walked away injured. Especially his case Mitchell it seemed serious at first glance, and in the Union they are sitting on “hot coals”.

The match

THE Panionios entered the match better and with excellent Shahpatzidis led early 9-6, with Mitchell having an answer for 9-9. Sahpatzidis again made it 11-9, but Frazier tied it at 11-11. Typically the hosts were excellent in the first quarter and with Papadionisiou and Virgin they led with a score of 20-16, before the last brought them to +8 (24-16). The “blue and red” even reached +10 (28-18), before Miles wrote the final 28-21 of the first period.

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At the beginning of the second period, Relaxed sent Panionios (32-23). Mitchell and Jankovic they responded for AEK, cutting it to 34-32, before Papadakis completed a 10-0 Union scoring run for 34-35. Antonakis put Panionios ahead again with a goal foul (37-35), but Papadakis he answered again (37-38). The two teams indulged in a three-pointer recital with Vergini and Jankovic, with the latter writing 43-44. The first half ended with a slight lead for Panioni.

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A quick 4-0 of AEK with Jankovic and Mitchell put the Union in front at the beginning of the second half (46-48), but Panionios reacted and again with Vergini went ahead (53-52). That’s when his time came Xanthopoulos, who went on a 4-0 run of his own to make it 53-56. The Union escaped with 5 points (55-60), but again the Nea Smyrni team responded and with Mantzaris and Sahpatzidis regained the lead (61-60), extending it with Virgin at +6 (69-63). The third period ended with a score of 71-67.

{“@context”:””,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”Πανιώνιος – ΑΕΚ | Το τρομερό follow-κάρφωμα του Μίτσελ!”,”description”:”Εντυπωσιακό follow κάρφωμα πέτυχε ο Ακίλ Μίτσελ στην αναμέτρηση της ΑΕΚ με τον Πανιώνιο για το Κύπελλο Ελλάδας.”,”thumbnailUrl”:”×540″,”duration”:”PT46S”,”uploadDate”:”2023-02-16T15:02:54.000Z”,”embedUrl”:””,”provider”:{“@type”:”Organization”,”name”:”glomex GmbH”,”logo”:{“@type”:”ImageObject”,”url”:””,”width”:136,”height”:146}}}

AEK with his three points Papadakis reduced to 71-70, but Panionios with Scandal went back to +3 (74-71). THE McGriff reeled off 4 straight points to get down to 1 (76-75), before tying it at 77-77 and going on a 10-point streak for 77-81. Typically, the hosts were not worried and reduced the score again to 80-81 with Mantzaris. AEK with a three-pointer Strelnieks he seemed to “clean up” (80-84), but with him Manjari Panionios equalized (84-84), sending the match to overtime.

{“@context”:””,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”Πανιώνιος – ΑΕΚ | Καθοριστικό καλάθι από τον Α. Μάντζαρη και έξαλλος πανηγυρισμός”,”description”:”Σπουδαίο καλάθι από τον πολύπειρο παίκτη του Πανιωνίου. “,”thumbnailUrl”:”×540″,”duration”:”PT30S”,”uploadDate”:”2023-02-16T16:01:57.000Z”,”embedUrl”:””,”provider”:{“@type”:”Organization”,”name”:”glomex GmbH”,”logo”:{“@type”:”ImageObject”,”url”:””,”width”:136,”height”:146}}}

In the extra five minutes, o Manzaris made two shots for 86-84, but o Williams with a three-pointer he made 86-87, writing with a layup 86-89. THE Panionios in the end he collapsed from fatigue, AEK made the shots and finally got the victory with a score of 88-93.

The quarters: 28-21, 46-44, 71-67, 84-84 (cit.), 88-93 (para.)

Source: Sport Fm

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