With his… head, Atromitos held Levadeiacus low

With his… head, Atromitos held Levadeiacus low

He made the… head of o Fearless! By Rotary to score the only goal of the match, the Peristeriotes beat him Leviathan with 1-0 and they continue to maintain any hopes of a top six.

At the same time, the Boeotians remained in the danger zone, while they played for over half an hour in Peristeri with one less player due to a strict suspension Cough with two yellows within a minute.

With Aris in “Kl. Vikelidis” plays the next match day o Fearlesswhile o Levadian welcomes Panaitolikos for the 24th matchday of the Stoiximan Super League.

In the coach’s mind

With 4-2-3-1 Chris Coleman brought down Atromitos. Gianniotis in goal and Keshrinda, Hatziisaias, Strungis, Athanasiou in defense. Erlingmark, Eder in the midfield, with Rotariou, Agibu, Rombai in the central attacking trio. Tzavidas was the only one promoted.

With a 4-3-3 line-up for Levadeiakos, Yiannis Petrakis made his debut. Groff also made his debut in goal and Dentakis, Tsapras, Paz, Panagiotou were in the back four. Mejia, Nikas, Dabo the three of the axis, with Lua Lua, Vraka on the wings and Geremegev at the top of the attack.

The match

Balanced start of the match with both teams playing openly in the first quarter, but slowly the Fearless started to take control and keep him in the half court Leviathan which was sought in the match. In the 11th minute, the home team had a great opportunity to open the scoring, with Roubaix to be in a tête-à-tête position with him Groff, however the shot he made was off target and the ball went just wide. In the 22nd minute, Atromitos threatened again, who had a period of time in Levadeiakou’s frame, but the shot made by Romaille was blocked by Groff.

Chris Coleman’s side were constantly looking for a goal and in the 29th minute they had another good chance. THE Keshrida made the shot from inside the area, but it was blocked by Chapras with a last minute tackle. Finally, Peristeriotes opened the scoring in the 33rd minute, with Ender making the cross and Rotariou catching an elusive header for 1-0. Earlier, Mr Lua Lua fell into the opponent’s territory, however o Vrakas who had made the turn had been indicated in an offside position in a phase that the referee had initially shown off, however…

In the last minutes of the first half, Levadeiakos had taken steps on the field and had two good moments. First at 45+2′ o Chapras made the shot after a corner with the ball going out and then Panagiotou he made the drift shot, but Gianniotis fell at the last moment and blocked. Somehow Atromitos went into the locker room with a lead (1-0) against Levadeiakos.

THE Petrakis made a double change at half time throwing in their match Skvarka and Cough, but shortly after that… he lost them both! The second part had a crazy pace and several phases, however the numerical balances were “overturned” a little later. In the 58th minute, then, Levadeiakos was left with 10 players after Vichos received a second yellow card one minute after the first, because o Agibu he pinched the ball and knocked him over. A decision that was seen excessive-strict so that a card is given and the Cough expelled.

The expulsion made the work of the Boeotians, who saw him, difficult Groff in his debut to perform incredible operations and keep them alive until the finale. Agibou shot from 2 meters, with the Hungarian keeper of Levadeiakos making a stop, while a little later (83′) the Agibu again he made a diagonal shot from inside the area, with the ball stopping at the right post. In the reset o Kirtanson he had an empty net in front of him but he shot at Groff!

In the 86th minute, in fact, the moment came for the visitors to almost freeze Peristeri, when Dentakis committed the foul, with the unmarked Liaga to head but not mark correctly and the ball ends up in his lap Gianniotis! Until the end, nothing changed with him Fearless to get an important win and keep whatever hopes he has of catching the… train of six, while on the other hand Levadian remained at the bottom of the rating.

MVP: If he had not conceded the goal, o Groff he would undoubtedly be the highlight of the match. However, the “prize” of the most valuable is “necessarily” taken by Rotary who scores the only goal of the match with an elusive header.

The whistle: THE Vergetis he didn’t have many difficult phases to manage, but one pivotal to the development of the fight and… it is controlled. Because he shows the yellow card to Vichos twice in one minute, with the second being judged severe and resulting in Levadeakos playing from the 58th minute onwards with one less player.

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