“I’m a good enough coach to know what I’m doing”: Guardiola’s answer to why he didn’t make changes


For unusual phenomenon (especially in a Champions League game) to finish a team game without changes was placed Pep Guardiola.

Naturally, the Catalan was asked relatively after her draw Manchester City at Leipzig (1-1).

And he answered with… naturalness:

“I saw how the team was good. I thought about putting Foden, but in the end I decided not to keep going like this.

Just because I’m entitled to five changes doesn’t mean that I have to do it too. Leipzig were essentially playing with six players up front, some of them extremely fast.

The players we had in the match have it extra passwhich we especially needed for the first race.

I am pretty good coach so that I know what to do and what not to do. Maybe in the rematch I’ll be… crazy and to play with nine strikers.

I have worked in GermanyI have analyzed Leipzig extensively and in this game we needed him control».

Source: Sport Fm

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