In a hall of the “Tassos Papadopoulos” building of TEPAK (Cyprus University of Technology), hooded men invaded on Wednesday night, during an event of the organization Accept – LGBT Cyprus. The perpetrators sprayed the attendees with a fire extinguisher, shouted abusive slogans, while one person was slightly injured.

The incident occurred during an informative meeting with students, as part of the “colorful meetings” on issues that concern LGBTI people. According to a post by the organization in the MKD, 8 to 10 hooded men broke into the hall and with a fire extinguisher that was in the place, started spraying the attendees, injured a person, threw objects, shouted homophobic slogans and made gestures, while leaving they caused damage .

According to the Police, there was an immediate reaction from the students present and there was tension and limited incidents, during which a 21-year-old student was slightly injured, who has bruises and abrasions.

Patrols from the Limassol Police Department were called to the area and tests are being conducted to identify the perpetrators.

In its post, Accept – LGBTI Cyprus strongly denounces the incident, expresses disgust and calls on the Police and the Commissioner for Administration and Human Rights Protection “to put an end to what we have been experiencing lately”.

“Society’s tacit acceptance and indifference to homophobic hate speech observed by public and non-public figures has emboldened every brainless person who now feels they can do whatever they want without repercussions,” he adds.

Declaring that the LGBTI community is not afraid, the organization emphasizes that “such brazen acts of hatred simply prove that homophobia reigns well on our island and that we must do more, with more courage and stubbornness.”

A relevant video of the incident was posted online, which will be put under the microscope of police investigators.

The position that the hooded men who invaded the event of FETEPAK and Accept – LOATI Cyprus, at TEPAK, are far-right elements, expressed the President of the organization Nikolas Tryfon, condemning last night’s incident.