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The only reason Liverpool are optimistic after the 5-2 defeat by Real is that they have… turned it around!


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Bad lies, at the given time not even her most optimistic fan Liverpool he does not expect his team to qualify for the “8” of the Champions League after crushed, 5-2, by Real Madrid inside Anfield.

And not only because of the extent of the score but because on the one hand the “reds” are faltering this year – especially defensively – and on the other hand the way in which this heavy defeat came is a typical example of the fact that his team Jurgen Klopp it has lost many of the elements that characterized it in previous years.

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However, if the German manages to remind his players of what they have achieved together, he may have some small hopes of seeing them at least fight it out.

You see, the last team to qualify in the knockout round of the top inter-club competition while had been defeated by three goals in the first match, she is… Liverpool!

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He had achieved it in the semi-finals of the institution 2019when despite the 3-0 defeat by Barcelona at the Camp Nou, he had dismantled the Catalans 4-0 in the second leg, booking a ticket to the final – where he would beat Tottenham.

Then of course, the English had the second leg at home, although on the contrary, the then regulation of away goals made the task of Klopp’s team more difficult.

Now, a 3-0 win at the Santiago Bernabeu is enough to send the match to extra time. Difficult or not, if Merseyside still believe in the “never give up” shirt of Mohamed Salah in the ’19 saga, they are invited to claim their chances!

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