Mexas: “I am resigning from Herakles because of Panathinaikos’ proposal”


Past from his bench Hercules constitutes o Kostas Mexas.

In his statement, the Greek coach announced his resignation from the Gerai bench and the reason is the proposal he has from him Christos Serelis to join his coaching staff Panathinaikou.

The statement of Kostas Mexa:

“Given the well-known honorable approach from the PAO team and the coach of Mr. Serelis for me to join his team and my own intention to accept it, as long as it becomes official, I consider it right towards the team that I have been through the most years of my professional career, to resign regardless of the outcome of the procedure with PAO.

The conditions in the team given the crucial match on Saturday require full mobilization and support of the effort of our athletes. I think my presence would cause more problems than it would solve. I’m sorry for the trouble I caused.

I thank the management people for their understanding of my decision when I informed them of what was going on. Many thanks also to the athletes of the team for the professionalism and effort they made in the short time we worked together. With the same attitude and mentality, I believe that achieving the team’s goal is possible.

I sincerely wish that the team achieves its goal and then remains and stars forever in A1″.

Source: Sport Fm

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