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PAOS Giannina stopped PAOK’s goal!


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He remained “ballless” in Ioannina and the incorrigible PAOK was removed from the top. Razvan Lucescu’s team stayed at 0-0 with PAS, although he missed the great opportunity in the first minute of stoppage time to “escape” from Zosimades, but his terrible shot Biseshwar he jerked his beam T-shirtswho kept his hearth intact on two occasions.

In the -7 now from the top the “two-headed man of the north” who ignores the victory in an away match from the Leoforos derby with Panathinaikos. Sixth consecutive draw for the spirited PAS Ioannina who refuses to be defeated and is now moving away from the danger zone.

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In the mind of the coaches

The 4-3-3 preferred for PAS Giannina o Thanasis Staikos. Tsintotas was in goal, with Soria, Eramusbe, Bakadima and Pelio in defense. Karachalios in the “six” position with Loli and Gino next to him, while in the attacking trio, Rienstra moved on the left, Moreira on the right and Balan was a striker.

With the established 4-2-3-1 lined up PAOK o Razvan Lucescu. Zivkovic under the posts, with the four of defense completed by Sastre, Koulierakis, Ingason and Rafa Soares. Douglas Augusto with Rafa Soares the defensive midfielders, and Constantelias in front of them in a free role. Khalid Narey on the right of attack, Tyson on the left and Brandon Thomas on the top.

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The match:

The tempo was low in “Zosimades” during the first half, with PAOK having the initiative, moving the ball and looking for corridors to break the well-organized defense of PAS.

It was Koulierakis who switched the game from defense to attack for Loucheskou’s side, forcing Constantelia to drop back enough to get the ball. In the 20th minute the first good moment came for the “two-headed man of the north” when o Tyson with an excellent ball at the back of the defense, he found Sastre, the Spanish full-back turned at the penalty spot to Brandon Thomas, but the PAOK forward sent the ball just wide of his left crossbar T-shirts.

“Ajax of Epirus” took measures on the field and in the 26th minute after a foul by Soria, the Eramuspe he caught the header which ended up in the arms of Živko Živkovic.

The pace dropped noticeably from that point on. In the 33rd minute, Karahalios was injured, forcing Staikos to replace him with Liassos, creating rearrangements in the center area.

Shortly before the end of the half, PAOK won a free-kick from the left with Tyson executing, Lolis to clear, but Narey requested a foul from the referee of the match considering that the PAS player used his hand to clear.

Evangelou, however, was not “moved” by the protests and sent the two teams to the locker room, tied without a score.

The picture at the beginning was similar second half, with Lucescu replacing Filipe Soares with Schwab, investing in creation. PAS remained in its own “half” giving the ball to PAOK. In the 52nd minute, after a beautiful effort by Narey, the ball reached the feet of Rafa Soares in the area, the Portuguese crossed into the heart of the defense in Brandon Thomasbut the Spaniard’s header was weak and ended up in Tsintota’s arms.

Lucescu’s men upped the ante in the match and with an hour remaining, Schwab took a free-kick from the right, the ball hitting the far post in Tysonbut the Brazilian’s header went over the crossbar.

The dominance of the “biceps of the north” continued and three minutes later, Sastre took steps from the right wing, crossed to Brandon Thomasthe Spaniard made a wonderful turn with his right but Tsintotas intervened.

PAS Ioannina-PAOK 0-0

PAOK continued to have the initiative of the movements with PAS Ioannina defending strongly in all the set-pieces that they conceded to their opponent. In the 80’s Rosero who had come on as a substitute in the match was injured, forcing Thanasis Staikos to make his second forced substitution, replacing Fofana.

Lucescu’s team was dominant on the pitch and in 86′ he came very close to scoring when Ingason found him with his head after Sastre’s cross Jimawho sent the ball towards the goal with a header, but T-shirt made the intervention of the match by driving away in a corner.

However, the greatest moment for PAOK was his 91′. THE Biseshwar he entered the area, shot, but the ball hit Tsintotas’ crossbar, with 0-0 remaining until the end.

PAS Ioannina-PAOK 0-0

MVP: The man who kept PAS on three occasions and judged the result based on that was the Panagiotis Tsintotas. The Greek goalkeeper played a great match, denying the goal from Brandon Thomas in the 63′ after the rebound, saved the shot of Douglas Augusto who countered and changed course, while in the 86′ he made the intervention of the match by denying the goal from Jima after young man’s head.

The whistle: Quiet afternoon for him Evangelou in Zosimades. The Greek referee was not particularly pressured and managed in all cases the tensions between the players, while he was not affected by the protests of the PAOK players who demanded a penalty in the last phase of the first half.

The compositions:

PAS Ioannina (Thanasis Staikos): Tsintotas, Soria, Bakadimas, Eramouspe, Pelios, Karachalios (Liassos 33′), Rienstra, Gino, Moreira, Lolis (Rossero 58’/Fofana 80′), Balan.

On the counter: Soulis, Bilbao, Rosero, Leo, Fofana, Tsavos, Bortegarai, Liassos, Stamatelopoulos

PAOK (Razvan Lucescu): Z. Zivkovic, Sastre, Ingason, Koulierakis, Rafa Soares, Augusto (Schwab 46′), Filipe Soares, Narey (Andria Zivkovic 68′), Tyson (Bisesvar 86′), Constantelias, Brandon (Zimas 85′).

On the counter: Talikhmanidis, Kargas, Keziora, Schwab, Dandas, Bisesvar, Ricardo, A. Zivkovic, Tzimas

Referee: Evangelou Angelos (Athens)

Assistants: Psarris (Zakynthos) – Papadakis (Heraklion)

Fourth: Dimitris Maloutas (Imathia)

VAR: Tsakalides (Halkidiki)

AVAR: Dimitrios Samoilis (Athens)

Watch the film of the match live on

Source: Sport Fm

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