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Panathinaikos: “Respect, dignity, ethics. Or just Ivan Jovanovic”


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After the match between Olympiakos and Panathinaikos in Faliro, the two coaches of the teams spoke at the usual press conference.

However, something… unexpected happened, when the technician of the greens Ivan Jovanovich was disturbed by a reporter’s question, with the Serb wondering “why are you asking me this question”. Then the experienced coach answered the journalist:

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“Don’t underestimate my team, it’s not right. I have not shown disrespect by my behavior. And when we were at +12 in the standings, I was again saying how good the other teams are and how competitive. Don’t watch today’s game and ask me these questions.

You have to see the whole picture. We are in the 24th matchday and from the beginning until today we are at the top. Not because someone gives us something. But because we deserve it and rightly we are here. We are a team that will try to win the championship.

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Your question is offensive. You are only referring to one game. The championship is not only Panathinaikos-Olympiakos. Neither I nor my team deserve this question.”

THE Panathinaikos by posting on social media he published the press conference and wrote characteristically:

“Respect, dignity, morals. Or just Coach Ivan.”

Source: Sport Fm

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