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Ertel blasted Lasso: “I was the scapegoat at Real in his days”


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“Insure” against it Pablo Lasso Ertel!

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The Zenit guard, in an interview with the Spanish AS, talked about his presence in Real Madrid and his coexistence with the Spanish coach at that time, stressing that he was the “scapegoat” for the experienced coach.

Among other things, Ertel also referred to his recovery period, saying that the tactics imposed on him by Real Madrid were wrong.

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In fact, the French player did not fail to mention the period when he was playing in Barcelona, ​​launching “arrows” against and Sarunas Yasikevicius.

What Ertel told AS in detail:

“I spent four years at Barcelona and the first two seasons were very good, we didn’t have the expected results, but it wasn’t. my fault. I had good seasons. In my third year I got injured and then the club signed Sarunas Jasikevicius. He is a coach who didn’t want me from the beginning. He started making things up, like I was the problem. Before Saras came, everyone loved me, the coaches and the fans”he clarified in the interview.

While for Lasso he underlined: “Until I went to a disco in Athens, it was going really well. But as soon as this event happened, Pablo Lasso began to invent things. Then the culprit was quickly found, using me as a scapegoat. I don’t think I’m the only or the last one to party. I guess so: I was wrong, I was wrong. But at first there were no problems, it was going very well. I was even scheduled to stay in Madrid next season. If I hadn’t gone to the disco, I’d still be in Madrid today.”

“At Barcelona it was unfair, the coach didn’t want me from the beginning. At Real I was wrong, but I don’t think I should have received this treatment. Especially since I wasn’t the only one out partying, there were quite a few. But I was the only player with Trey Tompkins that got sanctioned.”

Source: Sport Fm

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