Renaissance of Karditsa: Complaint for deception from Kavala in order to postpone the match!

Renaissance of Karditsa: Complaint for deception from Kavala in order to postpone the match!

Anger prevails in Anagennisi Karditsa for new postponement in the away match against Kavala!

The Thessalians, in fact, complain of deception from the point of view of “argonauts” and how was declared as a case of coronavirus player who does not have a card with AOK.

The announcement of Karditsa Renaissance: «Second… excursion for our team in beautiful Kavala. The second time we got into the process of traveling, spending money on a game that was postponed again!

First of all, because health is the most valuable asset, we wish a speedy and speedy recovery to all the members of Kavala who have been infected with coronavirus!

And because, as mentioned above, health is the supreme good, we wish a passing time to those who are not yet members of PAE Kavala, but may become in the near future!

The Greek language is rich, but for what happened today just before the kick-off of the match, the words really run out.

With deep awareness of the situation, as PAE Anagennisi Karditsa WE COMPLAIN a clear deception on the part of Kavala, which aimed to postpone the match between us once again.

With official documents that prove it and will be submitted to both the organizing authority and the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, since as PAE we will prosecute the case in the Criminal Courts, the game Kavala – Renaissance Karditsa was postponed illegally and illegally, without any reason REQUIRED by the health protocol!

The match according to the official document that we have as PAE in our possession, was postponed due to seven cases of coronavirus that concern footballers!

There are so many prescribed by the health protocol, but it speaks of footballers of the SAME team! Respecting the medical secrecy, we will not publicly mention the name of the footballer, however in the document of the OFFICIAL postponement, there is a player, who did have a positive Covid test, but does not belong to the Kavala squad, since his card has not been issued by the EPO , something that is also confirmed by the Hellenic Football Federation!

Matches must be played on the field. That is why we traveled in vain, twice to Kavala. But it will not be Tuesday!

If some people avoid them, we know how to play them elsewhere. And we will beat them there too!

Wanting as PAE to preserve both our team and the “product” called football, we already have:

a) make a formal complaint to Super League 2

b) file a formal complaint to the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court

c) send a letter to the Minister of Justice Mr. Konstantinos Tsiaras

d) send a letter to both the G.G.A. Mr. Georgios Mavrotas, as well as to the Deputy Minister of Sports, Mr. Eleftherios Avgenakis.

Today, shame too, he was ashamed!

Υ.Γ. To finally clarify the health protocol. PCR or (and) rapid test. Vaccinated or unvaccinated. We calmly ask “.

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