Opinion – PVC: Tite doesn’t want to win the World Cup like the French did: he wants more


Tite has always looked to France 2018 as the selection he would not want to have. Not for the title. Respect for the work of Didier Deschamps has always existed. The observation is about the team’s change in style after the defeat in the 2016 Euro Cup final in Paris, having the best attack in the competition.

The transformation was done to have low block marking and counterattack speed, exploiting characteristics such as Mbappé’s speed. France were world champions because they are the strongest, not because they are the most beautiful.

Tite won’t despise the title under these circumstances, but months after the loss to Belgium he already made it clear that his desire is not to win the Worlds like the French did. He wants more.

Many critics have not recognized the tactical refinement that it already has in the Brazilian team. It is not favorite to win the World Cup in December, but it has a repertoire and variations according to the selected players and the characteristics of the opponents.

What will happen to the team between now and November 18, the opening date, is as uncertain as noting that the most prestigious Brazilian in Europe this January is Vinicius Junior, not Neymar. Thinking about winning the Cup requires thinking about recovering the old ace and improving the young talent.

One of Brazil’s sins in 2014 was entrusting the entire offensive creation to two 21-year-old boys – Neymar and Oscar. The premature aging, due to injury or lack of dedication, of Ronaldinho, Adriano and Kaká, put all the weight on Neymar eight years ago. It could be better if the transition from one generation to another were more natural, as from Romário and Bebeto to Ronaldo and Rivaldo.

Tite might have the chance to transition from Neymar to Vinicius – and whoever else he gets – and to build the team of his dreams. Tactically firm, hard to concede goals, as it has been. Also capable of surprising offensive strategies that make extrapolating the best qualities of its most talented players.

Brazil is not favorite, as it was not in any of the five Cups won. But they have a team with a defined face, the ability to make the exit with three men and attack with five, to defend with a line of four and vary their positioning, to score in attack, in the middle or near their area, to explore against. attacks.

In the next ten months, it is necessary to look carefully at who is asking for a ticket and who is not. Pulling the rope to follow the most decisive and insisting on Neymar’s recovery, but without letting him think he owns the team, because Brazil already won the Cup with Pelé injured.

Make fine adjustments, without losing sight of the emergence of someone who can change directions. As Vinicius Junior has done. Brazil has gone through periods of five world championships twice without the trophy. It can happen for the third time. Win or lose, it is necessary to remake Brazil’s football pact.

Understand that the team will only be the best on the planet if we return to being the country of football.

Tite can help. It’s a good principle to want to win the World Cup by attacking your rivals. Even though, during the Worlds, it may be necessary to have a certain level of pragmatism.

There are many ways to win. Tite wants to win by playing well.


Information shows that Phillippe Coutinho would like to return to Brazil, to be closer to the Cup. One thing doesn’t necessarily have to do with the other. What Coutinho needs is to get back to playing well, whether at Arsenal, Barcelona or Flamengo.


Casemiro is one of the best Brazilian players in Europe, he could be the captain of the hexagonal, but he needs to be warned. The number of cards that keep you away from important games is exaggerated. Fabinho is the immediate reserve and also an excellent player.


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