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Bayern survived the “thriller” with Villeurbanne


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Led by Obst and Walden in the fourth quarter, Bayern defeated Villeurbanne 76-72 in Munich in a dramatic EuroLeague Game 27 game to improve their record to 11-16, leaving the French champions at 8-19.

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Andrea Trinchieri’s men lost some good points that they had built up throughout the match, but with their composure in the final minutes they reached the pink card.

The protagonists of the Bavarians were Omspt with 15 and Seeley with 12 points, 10 from the decisive Omspt. For the French champions, Di Bost stood out with 18, Lighty with 13 and Fall with 12 points.

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The match

Bayern were +3 at the start of the match, but the French champions’ perimeter shooting gave them a +1 and then a +3. A 5-0 run by Bayern made it +2, but back-to-back 3-pointers by the French brought them up to +4. The Bavarians responded with a 5-0 run to make it +2 and, with the constant lead changes, the first quarter was over. at 21-19.

A 5-0 run at the start of the second period brought the +7 for the Germans to the poor perimeter defense of the French. With a new 5-0 streak, Andrea Trinchieri’s regional team reached +10. There, Villeurbanne’s tall men led a 10-0 run and, assisted by De Bost, made it 33-33. Bayern responded with a 5-0 run to make it 38-33, but De Bost’s 3-pointer made it 38-36 at halftime.

With Weiler-Bubb as the star, Bayern went on a 6-0 run and led by +8 at the start of the third period, having good shooting percentages in the field. Villerban with the regional shots made a 5-0 streak and reduced to -3. Sealey’s 3-pointer made it 49-43 and further improved the Germans’ percentages, who were also collecting rebounds during this period. There, however, Parker’s peripherals made a 7-0 run and made it 49-50, but the right choices of the Germans in the French racket brought a 4-0 run and 53-50 at the end of the quarter.

With correct options inside both rackets, Bayern maintained +1 to +3 at the start of the fourth period. Matthews went on a personal 4-0 run for a 6-0 Villeurbanne run that brought it to 56-59. With three consecutive 3-pointers, two by Obst, Bayern initially tied and took a 65-62 lead, and Walden’s five consecutive points made it 70-64 for the German Cup holders.

Villerban twice missed the chance to reduce to -2 and Walden with a shot made it 71-66 at 1.03”. De Bost missed the layup, but the Germans made a mistake and Matheus won a foul and made two shots to make it 71-68. At 25”, Walden won a foul and made two shots to make it 73-68. Tyus made it 73-70 at 21” and Bonga’s two shots made it 75-70. De Bost cut to 75-72 and Bonga one-shotted it to 76-72, which was the final score after the French missed two consecutive attacks in the closing seconds.

The quarters: 21-19, 38-36, 53-50, 76-72

The statistics

Source: Sport Fm

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