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Peters: “We love playing at SEF – I’m ready from day one”


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His statements to “NOVA” in detail:

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“The last game was the first game in the season that we didn’t play well at all. Today’s game was a game where we showed that we had to respond and secure a place in the play offs. We had to show that we will play hard.”

For preparation and dressing room discussions: “We talked a lot in the dressing room and in training and said what we have to show tonight when we return to our stadium. We have to show that we are tough and show on the field against a team that we are with in the standings what we are all season.

I’m ready from day one. Game by game, I comfortably do what the team asks of me, in the coach’s system, either in defense or in attack with shots.”

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For the players who came off the bench and provided energy for the win: “It’s something we’ve accepted, our role, we talk to each other on the bench and say we’re responsible on nights when the starters won’t play well, to come off the bench and make a difference. Home advantage is very important. We love playing at S.E.F. with the world as it is today”.

About what coach Bartzokas said in the locker room: “Come on guys, we have a very important game on Thursday.”

Source: Sport Fm

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