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The tone ahead of Panathinaikos has already been set for AEK, which is no longer… destroyed


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AEK is experiencing its first days after the heaviest defeat of the season.

A bitter defeat for the “yellow and black” organization and the friends of the “Union”. Both because of the opponent, and (mostly) because of the party. From Olympiakos to New Philadelphia, to the first negative result of the “two-header” in his new palace, in the OPAP Arena.

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A heavy result, the size of which can be seen from the celebrations of the winners. Maybe even at one point, more to please the “red and white” (no offense) rather than upsetting the “yellow and black”. Attention: Of course the latter happened, obviously in AEK (inside and outside the club) they didn’t take it seriously (quite a bit), but in no case did they… paint them black, they weren’t paid. And that’s because it simply exists loyalty to the team and -in contrast to previous years- the “Union” is no longer destroyed by such evenings!

Hence the tone for the next day was set in the immediate moments after Maurizio Mariani’s final whistle. And this next day spells “Panathinaikos” in the short term and “championship and Cup” in the long term (at least as a goal).

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The tone set by the platform and Almeida

Only it is not usual after such a defeat (like that of AEK against Olympiakos), that your world stays and deifies. AEK’s friends did it. Why believe. Not just generally and vaguely in the emblem and jersey, but specifically in this set. Matias Almeida and his players have “forced” them to believe. That is why from the stands – even some time after the end (with the people who remained on the two horseshoes) – the trigger was given for a double and victory from the very next game. The first “tone” in front of Panathinaikos.

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The second was given by the coach himself and was about her work but also the behavior which his team must show. On the one hand, that is, to fall over the mistakes which he did against the Piraeus. On the other hand, to remain cool, as he himself was at the press conference. In a mood to even joke. Without of course embellishing any situation and with full knowledge of the importance of said negative result.

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The bottom line is that AEK has a solid foundation for going into the next day after such a defeat. Besides, he has proven it all the previous times he was needed during the season after bad results (with Volos, Panathinaikos, Asteras, PAS Ioannina and PAOK). And this is what he is called to do in view of the premiere of the playoffs.

And now… Panathinaikos

It could also be characterized as a double chance derby for AEKthis against the “greens”.

An opportunity to react: To leave behind a (heavy) defeat with a great victory. That is, as happened in previous cases where it was necessary. After all, this transition possibility “nourishes” and characterizes the teams that play championships. And, if nothing else, this year’s AEK is such a team.

And a scoring opportunity: On the one hand, to overtake Panathinaikos, to climb to the top and carry more pressure (which, of course, everyone still has at this point), on the other hand, to make a good start in the difficult schedule that he has at the beginning.

On grass

As far as the competitive part is concerned now, the approach that AEK will have is of great interest.

Almeida’s team never retreats from its competitive principles. Which, of course, does not mean that he does not adjust them when he deems it necessary. As, for example, he had done in the previous Athenian derby at the OPAP Arena in early January. Where the “yellow and black” chose to exercise their favorite pressing in lower measureshaving “read” both the ability of the “greens” to… punish on the counter, as well as their cynicism.

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It will try to repeat the same pattern the Argentinian coach – reasoning that he got (1-0) in the aforementioned match with the “clover”- or will attempt to surprise Ivan Jovanovic’s set; It remains to be seen. As well as the persons, in which he will end up for the preparation of the initial eleven. The absence of the punished is a given Vidaas probably his replacement with Mitoglou.

Beyond that, we must not forget that Almeida also takes into account characteristics of the opponent (an important parameter is the presence or not of Bernard in the original composition of Panathinaikos) but also the match management needs. As he chose him Pineda for Araujo’s partner in the attack against Olympiakos (for the Mexican midfielder to form a pressure triangle with Simanski and Jonson) but also Cumber to come from the bench. The important thing for “Pelados” is that now he has the entire quality roster of AEK at his disposal (except for the punished Vida and the injured Machira).

AEK: The applause and tone ahead of Panathinaikos

Parenthesis: Both the fact that Panathinaikos does not spoil with “X” (due to first place and a difficult home ground) and the approach of the two opponents in the previous derby between them, make the case of a close match on Sunday more likely. However, a goal -however quick- or a surprise move by one of the two, can change the situation.

However, returning to AEK, because… it’s a ball and the “clover” is in good momentum (beyond first place, of course), Almeida – if necessary – must present his team… learned from its lesson. That is, in the event that her original plan does not work out and she finds herself behind in the score, so be it mentally ready and not to be disorganized like with Olympiakos.

But above all, he and his players are obliged to reward and on grass the applause they received by their fans last Sunday. They owe it to themselves and to their actions this year…

AEK: The applause and tone ahead of Panathinaikos

Source: Sport Fm

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