Spalletti’s reaction to Guardiola’s disparaging comments about Napoli


THE Naples is making an amazing run this year, both in the league and in the Champions League.

THE Pep Guardiola in his statements he referred to the Italian club, speaking in the best words. “Napoli is probably the best team in Europe this season. In terms of playing style, they are close to Arsenal. Then Milan are back and so is Inter. Both have qualified”said the Catalan technician.

However, the Luciano Spalletti he didn’t… he was very moved and answered quite formally. “Napoli is not the only one who can do something like this. I don’t feel proud, I don’t feel anything. I know this game everyone plays to pressure others. Do we put Napoli ahead of Manchester City? If they can spend €900 million compared to our €9 million, there is a reason for that. It’s a game”.

Source: Sport Fm

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