Dugarry on Messi: “Is he here for the jerseys or for his performance?”


His stay Messi in Paris Saint Germain concerns the French media quite a bit… Among the people who have taken a stand on this great issue is Christophe Dugarry.

The veteran ace who has linked his name with the Paris team referred to ‘Leo’ wondering what is going on and wishes to do… To stay in Paris SZ or to leave? And if he wishes to stay what are his requirements for his new contract… And of course to give an explanation for the his poor performance…

“In this story I would like to hear Messi. What does this kid actually want to do? I want to a degree to hear him take a position on what is happening, to express his “wants”, to explain to us if he loves Paris Saint-Germain, how he is happy in the team, and to tell us that his performances are down the last few weeks for some reason, but he still thinks he has the… legs to give his best. So to some extent I want Messi to help meDugari said and continued…

“Of course with these performances I can’t say that I want a new contract with him, that’s obvious. Its performance is not good. And I ask… why is he here? For marketing? For the jerseys? Or for his performance?’

Source: Sport Fm

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