Volos: “If KED does not respect the decision on foreign referees, we will go down with the second team”


Angry reaction from PAE NPS Volos, which in its announcement announces that it has sent a letter to Vangelis Marinakis (as president of the Stoiximan Super League), Lefteris Avgenakis, Panagiotis Baltakos.

In it, he asks Steve Bennett and the KED to respect the unanimous decision for foreign referees in the playoffs, essentially asking to change the definition of Diamantopoulos in the match against Olympiakos.

Otherwise, he announces that he will go down with the second team.

The announcement of Volos in detail:

Letter to the president and the Board of Directors of the Super League, which was communicated to the Deputy Minister of Sports, the president of the EPO, the EPO and the teams of the Super League, PAE Volos sent today.

The letter:

Mister President,

despite the fact that just recently our general meeting unanimously decided that all mini league games of the playoffs will be designated to be officiated by foreign referees we are surprised and indignant to find that the president of KED, Bennett, ignored our decision and did not take it into his consideration.

Because we consider this action of his as highly provocative and insulting to both the Super League and professional football as a whole

Because we are convinced that with decisions like this, the playoffs become less competitive and credible both in terms of the sports fan public opinion and the protagonists of the sport, the football players

Because the PAE Volos team claims and has equal rights and demands equal treatment with all other teams

Because PAE Volos has the motivation and claims with claims a European ticket

We immediately DEMAND that you and the Super League take a stand and force the KED to respect our unanimous decision for foreign referees in all matches.

If not, we proclaim in every direction and in all tones that Volos will not accept to be a sheep to the slaughter and as a first reaction measure we announce that we will go down to the playoffs games with our second team and let us assume your responsibilities towards everyone and mainly the fans and our football itself.

For PAE Volos

The president

Achilles Beos

Source: Sport Fm

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