A 43-year-old Georgian, who has been of concern to the authorities, was arrested, in the framework of the autoforoyesterday, Thursday, March 16, in the center of Athens, by police officers of the Property Crimes Prosecution Department of the Attica Security Directorate, accused of a distinguished case of theft of more than 120,000 euros, violation of the law on weapons and on addictive substances.

According to ELAS, in the context of the investigation of a burglary case, which occurred in March 2022, in a businessman’s apartment, in Kolonaki, from where a safe with jewelry and valuables of great monetary value was removed, the participation of the accused was identified. The team of police officers handling the case found that a few days after the burglary-theft he returned to Georgia, while it was established that he had changed his identity information. At the beginning of March 2023, the 43-year-old returned to Greece, with a new identity and a special police team was set up to locate him. Finally, he was arrested yesterday and taken to the Sub-Directorate for the Prosecution of Crimes against Life and Property.


In his possession, as well as in an apartment in Petralona, ​​among other things were located and confiscated, according to ELAS: Two pistols, 12 gold pounds, 19,000 Armenian drams, a lot of jewelry, watches and jewelry, 10 grams of cannabis, 70 cartridges, 14.8 grams of cannabis and documents sending money to pawnshops. It is noted that the accused has in the past concerned the authorities for similar crimes, while he has served sentences in various prisons. The arrested person was taken to the criminal prosecutor of Athens, while the police investigation continues.