Incredible match but without a winner for PAOK B’-Macedonikos


Crazy match, but no winner! In an enjoyable game, PAOK B’ and Makedonikos were tied 3-3 with the hosts saving the point in the last minute of stoppage time.

Somehow, the visitors missed the chance to return to winning ways, having suffered a sixth consecutive loss in the league, with the “black and white” on their side remaining in 2nd place with 26 points.

Terrible pace in the game, which was enjoyable throughout. Darelas in the 6th minute with a header gave PAOK B’ the lead, but Tsoukanis in the 36th minute with a penalty equalized 1-1 for the visitors, with the score remaining as it was until the break.

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Hadjistravos in the 53rd minute gave the home team the lead again, with the Macedonian having a crossbar in the 61st minute with Lisgara and finally four minutes later Gentsoglou equalized with a header at 2-2. And a little later, in the 81st minute, Tsoukanis with… the second from the penalty spot after the referee showed a replay considering that Balomenos did not step on the line, made the reversal and 3-2.

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In fact, the people of PAOK strongly protested about the phase of Macedonian’s third goal, posting about it on social media.

Nevertheless, Hatzistravos in the 3rd minute of stoppage time scored his second personal goal in the match and… they knew the Macedonian, making the final 3-3.

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Detailed schedule of the 15th matchday:

A’ Group

Saturday 18/3

PAOK B’-Makedonikos 3-3

(6; Darelas, 53?, 90+3; Hatzistravos – 36; pen, 81; pen. Tsoukanis, 65; Gentsoglou)

Niki Volos-Panathinaikos II (14:45)

Iraklis of Larissa-Veria

Sunday 19/3

Rebirth of Karditsa-Apollo Pontos (14:45)



Day off: Almopos Aridaia

The next (16th) matchday:

A’ Group

PAOK B-Veria

Diagoras-Apollon Pontou

Iraklis of Larisa-AEL

Victory of Volos-Macedonian


Almopos Aridaias-Heracles

Source: Sport Fm

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