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An Iranian court has sentenced two men to death for an attack on a Shiite mausoleum in Iran that killed 15 people in October and was claimed by the Islamic State group, the official IRNA news agency reported today.

Fars provincial prosecutor Kazem Mousavi said two men were found guilty on charges including “spreading corruption in the world” and allegedly acting against national security, IRNA reported, adding that they could appeal the sentence. .

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Footage captured by security cameras and aired on state television shows the gunman entering the popular Shah Serag mausoleum in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz, with a gun hidden in a bag, and opening fire on worshipers trying to escape and to hide in corridors.

The gunman, who was identified as a citizen of Tajikistan, later succumbed to injuries sustained in the attack in hospital.

The two men sentenced to death said during their trial that they were in contact with Islamic State in neighboring Afghanistan and that they helped organize the attack, Iranian media reported.

Prison terms — from 5 to 25 years — were handed down to three other men in the same trial, the prosecutor said.

Islamic State, once a security threat in the Middle East, has also claimed responsibility for previous attacks in Iran.