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What the drop to 19th in the UEFA rankings means for Greece ahead of the 2024-25 season


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The data and the… difficulties that arose for our country and Greek football after its retreat to 19th place of the UEFA rating was analyzed by his post on Facebook Andreas Dimatos.

An excellent connoisseur of the specific topic, the former communication director of PAE AEK put the new single score of the league format into the equation and explains in detail what will apply to the European “tickets” of our teams in the next championship for the season 2024-25.

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Andreas Dimatos’ post:

The 19th place in which our country finally ends this year, according to the official UEFA rating with a redefinition of Russia’s position if and when its teams return to European competitions, also determines the what will apply for our teams’ European tickets to the next league for the 2024-25 season.

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In the first season of the new three-year cycle of European competitions (2024-27) with the league format instead of the group format in all three Cups, with a single standings and with 36 instead of 32 teams in the main menu of the season, after the summer qualifiers.

What does falling back to 19th from 15th mean for our teams and next season’s European tickets?

– We lose one European ticket and from five this year we are back to four

– The second ticket for the Champions League qualifiers is lost

– The champion of Greece 2024 will start from the second qualifier of the champions with three rounds until the groups (with the old access list it would start from the first)

– The 2024 Greek Cup winner (or the runner-up of the playoffs, if the champion does the double) will start from the second qualifier of the Europa League with three rounds until the groups of the competition (with the old access list we would not have a representative in Europa)

– The next two teams in next season’s playoff standings (third and fourth logically) will start from the second qualifier of the Conference League with three rounds to the groups

– The start of the obligations of the four Greek teams is calculated in the last two weeks of July 2024.

Things for our country in terms of returning to the pivotal 15th position (with many advantages in the new three-year cycle) do not bode well for the next season either. Our country will again start in 19th place and our five teams will have to close a gap of around nine wins on the four teams in 15th Norway…

Source: Sport Fm

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