Heroic Everton, cut Chelsea’s tongue!


She cut off her time Chelsea the Everton. The “sweets” took the bite out of the Londoners’ mouth, leaving with a 2-2 draw from “Stamford Bridge” in the 28th game of the Premier League.

Potter’s side, who have been promoted of late, came close to a 4th successive win (3rd in the league) but the final say belonged to the visitors who took heroic rank.

As if…it was the first part, but in the second the two teams put “fire” on fire. THE Joao Felix gave the home side the lead in the 52nd minute, scoring his first goal in front of the Chelsea crowd. Everton found the answer from the air, with Ducouret to equalize through stoppage time in the 69th minute. From an assist by Tarkowski, who in the 77th minute turned from beautiful to fatal, scoring a penalty on James. THE Havertz he took over and made it 2-1, sticking his tongue out in celebration.

THE Everton he saved the good for last, with Simms beating Kepa in the 89th minute to give Everton a valuable point, who remain a breath away from the danger zone, while Chelsea begin to look with… binoculars at the European zone.

In detail, the schedule of the 28th matchday of the Premier League:

Friday (17/3)

Nottingham Forest-Newcastle 1-2

(26′ Denis – 45+2′, 90+3′ pen Isaac)

Saturday (18/3)

Aston Villa-Bournemouth 3-0

(7′ Luiz, 80′ Ramsey, 89′ Buendia)

Wolves-Leeds 2-4

(65′ Honi, 73′ Kunia – 6′ Harrison, 49′ Ealing, 62′ Christensen, 90+7′ Rodrigo)

Liverpool v Fulham (postponed)

Brentford-Leicester 1-1

(32′ Jensen – 52′ Barnes)

Southampton-Tottenham 3-3

(46′ Adams, 77′ Walcott, 90+3′ Ward-Prowse – 45+1′ Poro, 65′ Kane, 74′ Perisic)

Chelsea-Everton 2-2

(53′ Felix, 76′ pen. Haverge – 69′ Ducouret, 89′ Sims)

Sunday (19/3)

Arsenal-Crystal Palace (16:00)

Brighton-Manchester United (postponed)

Manchester City-West Ham (postponed)

The schedule for the next (29th) matchday:

Saturday (1/4)

Manchester City-Liverpool (14:30)

Arsenal-Leeds (17:00)

Crystal Palace-Leicester (17:00)

Bournemouth-Fulham (17:00)

Brighton-Bradford (17:00)

Nottingham Forest-Wolves (17:00)

Chelsea-Aston Villa (19:30)

Sunday (2/4)

West Ham-Southampton (16:00)

Newcastle-Manchester United (18:30)

Monday (3/4)

Everton-Tottenham (22:00)

Source: Sport Fm

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