Amyntaeo welcomes the “cream of the crop” of table tennis for the Panhellenic Championship


From Friday, Amyntaeo welcomed the best of the Greek table tennis sport and on the weekend of 25 and 26/03 it holds for the first time the largest individual event, the Panhellenic Championship for men and women, aspiring to leave a very positive result from each side.

The town of the Regional Unit of Florina has a rich sporting tradition, especially in handball, it has hosted in its spacious indoor gym a multitude of major sporting events and is ready to experience table tennis for the first time and, in fact, at the highest possible level for the country.

In Western Macedonia, the Olympic sport has seen great growth in recent years, with centers mainly in Florina, Kozani and Kastoria. 69 athletes from 28 clubs are going to take part in the Panhellenic Championship and the Panhellenic champions will be selected in a total of five events.

The competitions are organized by E.F.O.E.P.A., in cooperation with the Region of Western Macedonia and the Municipality of Amyntaio and with the support of A.S.E.A. Sarises Florina.

The Panhellenic Championship will be attended by almost all the top names, who consistently honor the institution. In the singles, 39 athletes and 30 athletes are expected to compete. The strong matches and the spectacle are guaranteed and that is why the Sarises invited “all the sports fans of Amyntaios, but also all the friends of table tennis from the wider area, to attend the gym and enjoy impressive matches that will highlight the champions Greece in men and women”.

The first phase includes groups, which avoid athletes from high seeding positions. The continuation will be given with the “knockout” tableau, in all matches up to the round of eight, the winner is determined by the best of five sets, while the semi-finals and finals take place with the system of the best of seven sets.

Doubles events feature “knockout” matches from start to finish, always with a higher score of 3-2 sets.

The first eight favorites in men’s singles are in order: Konstantinos Angelakis, Yiannis Sgouropoulos, Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos, Gerasimos Hatzilygeroudis, Tasos Riniotis, George Konstantinopoulos, George Stamatouros and Dimitris Kordoutis.

In the corresponding positions of the women’s singles we meet: Konstantina Paridis, Malamatenia Papadimitriou, Aliki Kioufi, Ioanna Gerasimatou, Chrysi Fotiadou, Dimitra-Thomaida Tsekoura, Lemonia Gaydatzi and Eleni Sofra.

In the men’s doubles, the number 1 and number 2 of the event are Konstantinos Angelakis/Nikos Antoniadis and Giorgos Konstantinopoulos/Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos, respectively, and likewise in the women’s doubles Aliki Kioufi/Malamatenia Papadimitriou with Konstantina Paridis/Ioanna Gerasimatou.

In the mixed doubles, in the first two places of the favorites are the couples Giorgos Konstantinopoulos/Konstantina Paridis and Giorgos Stamatouros/Malamatenia Papadimitriou.

A total of eight tables will be used for the action. The program opens on Saturday at 09:30 with the men’s singles groups. The mixed doubles competition will start and finish on Saturday. The final was scheduled for 20:00 and will close the program of the first day.

On Sunday, it continues from 09:40 with the round of 16 of the women’s singles. The scoreboards will move forward and the championship will conclude at noon. The doubles finals were calculated for 13:40 and the singles for 14:20.

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