Two illegal immigrants died of heatstroke in a commercial train car, while ten others were rescued semi-conscious and airlifted to a Texas hospital.

The police received an anonymous phone call yesterday Friday about the presence of migrants – who needed immediate medical attention – on this commercial train.

Border guards stopped the train on the outskirts of the Knipa community, in the southern part of the American state. In order to facilitate the access of helicopters to transport the unfortunate migrants to a hospital, they temporarily stopped traffic on the 90 Freeway.

Authorities are investigating the involvement of smugglers who packed the illegal immigrants into a commercial train car, according to U.S. Department of Homeland Security investigators.

The tragedy occurred close to where last June 53 migrants died of heatstroke inside a truck trailer. Two Americans face the death penalty if convicted, while two Mexicans have also been charged in the same case.

Uvalde County Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez estimated that the illegal immigrants were dehydrated due to the high temperature in the commercial train car. “It is sad to see so many irregular migrants in this situation and two of them losing their lives. It’s heartbreaking,” Rodriguez said.

The Mexican consulate in Eagle Pass, Texas, said on Twitter that it was aware of the incident and was in contact with US officials to determine if any Mexicans were among the victims.

The US Department of Homeland Security has not disclosed the nationalities of the victims.

The community of Knipa is approximately 120 miles from the United States border with Mexico.