The incredible Iceland scattered Liechtenstein with seven points, Magnusson played the main role!


Who saw her? Iceland and he was not afraid of her!

The Scandinavians scattered with a score of 7-0 the sad one Liechtenstein, taking their first points in the Euro 2024 qualifiers! Second defeat in a row for the hosts, who have conceded 11 goals in two games after the top four and from the Portuguese.

Basic played for the winners Hordur Magnussonwho played until 65′, when he was replaced.

The Icelanders showed their intentions early on as they took the lead in the 3rd minute with Olafson. THE Haraldson he made it 2-0 in the 38th minute, but what followed was not… expected.

Specifically, the defender Aron Gunnarssonwho in 100 appearances for the national team had scored just twice, scored an improbable hat-trick in 25 minutes, making it 5-0 for the Scandinavians!

The final score was formed by Andri Gudjonsen in 85′ and Mikael Ellerson in 87′.

Detailed results of the 10th group:

Liechtenstein-Iceland 0-7

(3′ Olafsson, 38′ Haraldsson, 48’/58’/73′ Gunnarsson, 85′ Gudjonsen, 87′ Ellersson)

Luxembourg-Portugal (21:45)

Slovakia-Bosnia Herzegovina (21:45)

The rating:

Iceland 3 (7-3)

Portugal 3 (4-0)

Bosnia and Herzegovina 3 (3-0)

Luxembourg 1 (0-0)

Slovakia 1 (0-0)

Liechtenstein 0 (0-11)

The next matchday:


Luxembourg-Liechtenstein (17:00)

Portugal-Bosnia Herzegovina (22:45)

Iceland-Slovakia (22:45)

Source: Sport Fm

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