France condemned today, Sunday in turn the intention of Russian President Vladimir Putin to deploy “tactical” nuclear weapons on the territory of its ally, Belarus; calling on Moscow to show “responsibility” and withdraw its decision, according to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Following Russia’s violation of the INF Treaty, which led to its disappearance and the announcement of the suspension of Russia’s participation in the New Start Treaty last February, this agreement represents an additional element of erosion of the international architecture of arms control and strategic stability in Europe”emphasizes the representative of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Paris calls on Russia to “show the responsibility expected of a nuclear-weapon state and withdraw from this destabilizing agreement,” ends up.

It is recalled that yesterday Saturday the Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that Moscow would “regularly” deploy nuclear weapons on the territory of its ally, Belarus, a country at the gates of the European Union, causing strong concern in NATO and the EU, which called Moscow’s move “provocative” and “dangerous”. ».

Russian officials have repeatedly warned of using nuclear weapons in Ukraine if the conflict escalates significantly. Belarus, ruled since 1994 by Alexander Lukashenko, borders Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania.