Poget: “It’s good that the players are disappointed – It’s important to get the ball in the net”


Satisfied with her image Nationalbut not with the fact that they wasted many phases and failed to score to beat the Lithuania (0-0), appeared after the friendly match at “OPAP Arena” o Gustavo Poget.

At the same time, the Uruguayan coach of the blue and white team argued that it is good that the players are disappointed and mentioned that there must be composure in the final effort.

“We played a very good game, an excellent game without being able to score. It’s great what happens with football, it doesn’t matter how many chances you have, it matters that the ball is in the net.

We didn’t do it tonight, the good thing is that the players are disappointed with the draw because we wanted to go into June with two wins behind us. Sometimes you can have the best performance and the result doesn’t do you justice. In the second half because there was so much will to win we opened up our spaces a lot and that can create a problem.

I know people want to see players come forward and be aggressive but you can open up like that, the opposition can find you in a position to score and I don’t want to see that. I don’t want to risk it because our game is very much based on organization”emphasized the Uruguayan coach in the first statements he made after the final of the draw with Lithuania.

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On what figures he would like to see against Ireland and France next June: “I haven’t seen the stats, I’m told we’ve had 29 finals with Gibraltar and 31 today, 60 in total. I think this number is great for the National Team, but of course I don’t think we can do the same in France.

So we have to be calm, composed and be able to keep our composure when we are in front of the goal to be able to score a goal, to succeed. I don’t believe in statistics, I believe in results.”

Source: Sport Fm

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