Yankauskas: “Great quality Greece”


Edgaras Ginakauskas emphasized that he was impressed by the quality of Greece and that he was satisfied with what his team showed, which ran a lot and covered spaces, he called Greece unlucky not to score and did not want to analyze the qualifying group that his team is in .


About the game: “I can honestly say that I was impressed by the quality of Greece. They were a very fast team, they changed positions on the court quickly and changed the ball quickly. It was a difficult game for us. I’m happy with the image we had in our game.

We had to run a lot, cover spaces and block shots. We played in a beautiful stadium. I want to thank the people of the Federation and especially Takis Fyssa, whom I was happy to see.”

On whether the image of the national team was a surprise: “It is not a surprise. We had seen Greece and we knew it, but it is a different feeling to see a team on video and on the pitch. Greece was very good, but they missed a goal. She was unlucky. As for my team, I’m happy that we played good defense with passion.”

On Lithuania’s group in the Euro qualifiers: “I don’t know what will happen in our group, but it is difficult. It has Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Montenegro. They are strong teams. I can’t make a prediction. Our goal is in the next game. We look at each game individually and will do our best.”

Source: Sport Fm

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