Vieri on Conte: “He’s one of those guys who constantly clashes with everyone!”


Her relationships Tottenham by Antonio Conte they had reached the… impasse for some time, with the “spurs” finally making the decision to proceed with the termination of their cooperation.

The British club is in search of a new coach, with the club’s sporting director, Fabio Paratici, stressing that the previous assistant will be supported until further notice. Christian Stellini, who took over as first coach.

His opinion on Antonio Conte was expressed through his statements in “Corriere della Sera” Christian Vieriemphasizing that the 53-year-old technician is one of those people who always collides with the others, even likening him like a… hammer!

“Conte is used to clashing with everyone, that’s his character. If a team hires him, they know they can’t expect a happy guy, but a strict and demanding person. It’s hard to have him in your team, he keeps you awake…

There are coaches like Antonio and Jose Mourinho who are like ‘hammers’ and demand the best from everyone at all times. And then there are those who are happy with anything. Everyone has their own opinion…”, he said characteristically.

Source: Sport Fm

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