The publication of the Ads Safety Report 2022 (report on the safety of ads), the annual report that presents all the actions related to advertising on the company’s platforms, especially in terms of their security and integrity, Google announced today.

Digital advertising is a central pillar to having an open and secure internet, which in turn provides diverse and quality content for all, while at the same time creating benefits for consumers, businesses and society.

As announced, in 2022, Google will:

* Blocked and removed over 5.2 billion ads that violated company policies. This means intervention in approximately 9,000 advertisements per minute.

* Reduced 4.3 billion ads

* Blocked over 17 million ads related to the war in Ukraine

* Suspended over 6.7 million advertiser accounts for violating company rules

* Removed ads on over 1.5 billion pages

* Updated or added 29 policies related to advertisers and advertisers

In addition to policies and enforcement, the company has invested heavily in informing users about their online options. Today, Google is launching the Ads Transparency Center, a list of trusted advertisers from each of the company’s platforms that helps users stay informed about the advertisers and ads Google is showing.

Providing a safe and seamless advertising experience for users is a key part of Google’s central mission, which is to organize the world’s information and make it available to everyone. Google says it will remain committed to addressing abuse on its platforms and serving advertisers and publishers to grow their businesses.

Launch of the new Ads Control Center

Today, Google announced the launch of the Ads Control Center – the new service aimed at helping you quickly and easily learn more about the ads you see on Search, YouTube and Display.

“Given that over 30 million people interact with Google’s ad transparency and control menus every day, over the past five years we’ve invested in providing better ways for you to learn more about and take control of the ads you see. “Starting today, the Ads Control Center is rolling out to users around the world, so you can quickly and easily learn more about the ads you see from Google and from Search, YouTube and Display,” it said in its announcement.

The Ads Control Center is the result of a long effort to provide more information about advertisers. In 2018, Google says, we began requiring advertisers who wanted to run campaign ads on our platforms to undergo a verification process, as well as include a disclosure in their ad that clearly shows who paid for it. In 2020, we went one step further by introducing a global advertiser identity verification program, which requires Google advertisers to verify information about their businesses, the region they operate from, and their subject matter (what they sell or promote). Last fall, we launched My Ad Center globally, the newest and most user-friendly way to help our users control the ads they see on Search, YouTube and Discover, right from the ads themselves.

Introducing the Ads Control Center

The Ads Control Center is a searchable hub for all ads served by certified advertisers. This one-stop shop was designed with the user in mind, ensuring they have easy access to information about the ads they see from Google.

With the Ads Control Center, you will be able to understand:

– Ads posted by an advertiser

– Which ads were shown in a specific geographic area

– The last date an ad ran and its format.