With the Minister of Development and Investments, Adonis Georgiadis, characterizing as “good and fruitful” certain comments of parties and organizations and committing himself that tomorrow in his discussion in Plenary session of the parliamentwill submit improving changes, the second processing in the competent Committee was also completed, of the bill entitled, “Measures to support the relatives of the victims and those affected by the February 28, 2023 train accident in Tempe, pension provision, arrangements to enhance the safety of transport, provisions to enhance development, interventions to modernize tourism legislation and other urgent provisions”.

Only government MPs spoke in favor of the principle of the bill. On the part of the Opposition parties, SYRIZA, PASOK-KINAL and Hellenic Solution reserved themselves for the Plenary while the KKE together with MeRA25, declared that they would vote against it.

However, all parties clarified that, contrary to the other provisions of the bill with which they disagree, they will vote in favor of the support measures for the accident in Tempe, although as they argued, “they should be much more generous”.

It is noted that the SYRIZAwho abstained from the parliamentary votes, said he would stay to vote them through.

“Time does not turn back unfortunately for all those who lost their people in the Tempe crash. The measures are not to cure this pain. They are not treatment measures, but they are palliative measures,” said Mr. Georgiadis.

He also characterized as absolutely correct and fair the request for the restoration of the chronic salary inequality of the Employees in the Organization and Management of Development Programs Unit, however as he said, although he himself has signed the relevant provision, there is hesitation from other co-competent ministers whether it should come separately or as a comprehensive regulation and will concern the entire public sector.

Mr. Georgiadis he also gave assurances that he would seriously consider the proposals submitted for the professional rights of graduates of five-year agricultural schools.

The rapporteur of the ND, Maximos Senetakis, also spoke in favor of securing their professional rights “in a more clear and targeted way”.

Mr. Senetakis agreed that the provision for the opinion of GEOTE could be removed, the professional rights be directly assigned, as is done with all university schools, and then he undertakes their inclusion in the Professional Register, so that they are not created two-speed schools, as he said.

Also, it was drawn up with the need to have a nominal reference of the agricultural schools

On the part of the Opposition, its intense criticism was mainly focused on the support, with more substantial and generous measures, of the families of the victims and those affected by the Tempe train accident, on the need for direct, meritorious and transparent recruitment – mainly of specialized staff – for the support the security of the railway network and airports, in securing the professional rights of graduates of agricultural schools.

He expressed strong disagreements, among other things, with the measures to strengthen the security of the OSE, characterizing them as completely sketchy and insufficient, as well as with the arrangements concerning the artists, especially for the separation of the rehearsal and the performance, as well as with the recruitment procedures in derogation of the legislation and in the concession agreements for the exploitation of ports and the conversion of ships into floating tanks.