Wrexham & Notts County are going to break all the records but only one will be promoted for sure!


If you consider English a tough league Championshipwhere to see her National League

The 5th ranked category on the Island includes 24 teams but only the champion is automatically promoted to League Twowith those finishing from 2nd to 7th place entering the playoffs.

This year, the battle for the top has heated up between two rivals who have escaped the rest. The reason for the historical Notts County and the Rexam of Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElheny, who both have 97 points – 25 more than 3rd, Woking!

Detail; Notts County have conceded 41 matches to Wales’ 39, so they still have five to go, while their opponents have seven.

Both, however, have the possibility, regardless of the position where they end up break up to four records in the history of the category!

The reason for the records for most points (105), most wins (31), most goals (103) and player with most goals (40).

Notts County and Wrexham need nine more points to break the top-flight record, with 29 and 30 wins respectively.

As for the goals they have scored, they have 103 and 100 respectively, so the relevant record has already been tied.

Something similar also applies to the record of the first scorer, as o Macaulay Longstaff of Notts County has already scored 40 times.

And yet, of these two teams, only one will get a direct ticket to the EFL, with the other struggling with the tough playoffs…

Source: Sport Fm

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