The press conference for “Kallithea Run”

The press conference for “Kallithea Run”

Speakers at the press conference for the 11th Kallithea Run 2023 were the President of the Kallithea Athletic Association, Panagiotis Dimakos, the Mayor of Kallithea, Dimitris Karnavos, the President of the Kallithea Sports Organization, Manolis Kostakis, the CEO of Euroins Greece, Evgeny Ignatov, the Deputy Director of Euroins Greece, Athanasios I. Smyrnis and the Greek Long Distance Champion, Moschoula Manousou.

The press conference was attended by journalists, representatives of organizations, sponsors, friends of the running movement, partners and volunteers of the organization.

Panagiotis Dimakos: “After welcoming you and thanking you warmly for your presence here today, I would like to express special thanks to the Mayor of Kallithea, Dimitris Karnavos, and the President of the Sports Organization, Manolis Kostakis, with whom we are working closely again this year for the race, with the aim of we offer for the 11th year a wonderful and safe race to all runners and we expect to exceed 4,000 this year!

It is a very strong race, which is one of the best races not only in Attica, but also in the whole country in general, offering every time a very high level of service to the runners.

That’s why, after all, every year more and more runners add it to their list. This year, for the first time, there will also be a 1-mile race with free participation for sportsmen and women who have a SEGAS card from 60 clubs in Attica.

I would like to thank the Region of Attica and SEGAS for their support, as well as “Rama Elpida”, which for the fourth year will be with us with the action “Become a volunteer bone marrow donor. Give Hope, Give Life” with aimed at informing the runners and registering new volunteer bone marrow donors, offering new hopes for life.

Finally, special thanks to all the volunteers who, once again, will support our fight and whose help is really valuable!

So, we are waiting for you all at the starting line on 9/4 at Davaki Square in Kallithea”.

Dimitris Karnavos: “This is the most recognized institution in our city. We are very happy that for the 11th year such an event of a very high level is taking place. Together with Panagiotis Dimakos, Manolis Kostakis and Anna Samlidou, Director of the Sports Organization, as well as all our partners, we have all managed to make the citizens see the city differently and at the same time get close to mass sports.

The running movement in our country is constantly growing and this is really very optimistic. “Kallithea Run” is a race that everyone can participate in, as it has race routes of 2.5km, 5km and 10km. The People’s 2.5 km race is free for everyone and for children and adults and I want to invite all the people of Kallithea and not only to participate in this celebration and for us all to finish, because finishing is a joy! We are waiting for you all, therefore, on Sunday 9/4 at Davaki Square”.

Manolis Kostakis: “Another big sporting event in our city, but also in the country. We are here for the 11th year, which fills us with great joy! “Kallithea Run” is a great celebration that brings people out into the streets to run and enjoy! With the race this year we show the total return to normalcy after three years of restrictions. Together with Filathletikos, the Mayor and Ms. Samlidou, we have managed to make this match a top event all these years.

This year, we are especially happy that we will be able to once again make symbolic routes for the kindergartens, as well as the KAPI of our city, which will start at 11:30 in Kallithea Park in Davaki Square. We also managed and secured free participation in our matches for the clubs and associations of our city.

Finally, at 2.5 km, the entire school community of our city will participate, filling the streets of Kallithea with smiles! So, I wish everyone good luck and we look forward to seeing you at the launch!

Yevgeny Ignatov: “I am particularly happy that Euroins Greece has the honor of supporting the top event “Kallithea Run” as a Major Sponsor this year. I want to share with you the enthusiasm of all the executives and employees of our company for our participation in the Kallithea Race.

A strong tradition that continues for the 11th year, taking to the streets » the world of Kallithea and the southern suburbs as a whole – and not only. Our cooperation with the Philatelic Association will not stop here, since we will have the pleasure of supporting as a Major Sponsor the “Kallithea Night Run” and the Kallithea Half Marathon that will take the “baton” in the fall.

I wish success to the organizers and thank you very much for your attention. The Euroins people are looking forward to all running together on Sunday.”

Athanasios I. Smyrnis: It is a special honor for us to participate and support the “Kallithea Run” race. We want to invite everyone to participate and enjoy the race. Such events are very important for society, they mobilize the world and bring them closer to sports. We too will participate as Euroins in the race and we are looking forward to live this road experience up close”.

Muskoula Manousou: “I am very happy that I will also participate in the 11th “Kallithea Run”, specifically in the 10 km. I have already run in the other two Philathletikos races, “Kallithea Night Run” and “Kallithea Half Marathon” and I would like to say that these are very beautiful events, with safety and very well organized.

For me, the race will be part of my preparation for the season and the races I will be participating in. I would like to invite everyone to participate and make the most of their Sunday by running the “Kallithea Run”, runners to surpass themselves and achieve their personal goals. I am waiting for you to run together on Sunday 9/4 and enjoy the race”.

Registration for the 11th “Kallithea Run” 2023 takes place through until Sunday 2/4 and at the Municipal Stadium of Kallithea, Monday to Friday 17:30-19:30.

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