Roma only fined for racist slogans – Mourinho spared them from being locked up!


She was finally punished only with a fine Roma for the racist slogans of her followers towards his person Dejan Stankovic.

The “Galorossi” fans had called its coach a “gypsy” through slogans Sampdoriaby Stankovic to gesture towards the stands that he thanks them for what they did. In fact, after the end of the game he declared he was proud of his origin, while during the chants Jose Mourinho asked the fans to stop!

Finally, the Portuguese technician spared her Roma from accepting a penalty from the sports prosecutor which he would have inflicted behind closed doors. Because as he revealed during the trial of the case, his move Mourinho played a role to mitigate the sentence on 8 thousand euros and that there be no seat penalty.

“Roma have been fined €8,000 after the opposing coach was booed by all the fans at the Curva Sud. The sentence is mitigated because the shouting did not repeat itself after the immediate intervention of their coach.”the sports prosecutor reported.

Source: Sport Fm

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