Djokovic: He had a coronavirus and made public appearances

Djokovic: He had a coronavirus and made public appearances

Public appearances despite the fact that he had coronavirus did Novak Djokovic in his country. This can be easily seen from the Serb himself’s posts on social media, which adds to everything that is recorded in connection with his case regarding his non-entry into Australia.

Let’s start from the beginning… In the morning, a relevant BBC article reveals the information from his legal representatives that Djokovic had tested positive on December 16 after a PCR test he had done.

However, at the same time he is said to have given the “present” without even a mask in a special ceremony for the issuance of a stamp with his face while the next day on December 17 attends an event for the sport from his federation, in which he is photographed, again without a mask, with several children who were present.

In fact, in a relevant publication of Eurosport, it is mentioned as a possible day that December 14 stuck when he had given the “present” on the field to watch the match of the Red Star with Barcelona.

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