Kazakh woman from SKAI: We can not leave the house – We hear shots


Sabina Mukhamedova, a resident of Kazakhstan with Greek roots, describes to SKAI the dramatic hours she and her family are experiencing.

“We do not go out at all, not even to the store to get the bread, we make the bread at home. Now we hear bullets from outside. “Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, the day after tomorrow”, he notes on SKAI.

In Almaty time has stopped. People are scared and do not leave the house even for the basics.

“They called us and told us not to go to work because it is a waste in the square. We can work from home but we must have internet. “We have not had internet for three days,” he points out.

The situation on the streets is out of control, with fighting between protesters and police raging.

“Our police can do nothing because in our police there are very few people who work there. “2 days ago 5-7 at most 10 policemen had fallen and 70-75 people had beaten them”, adds Sabina Mukhamedova.

The reason for the bloody incidents is the sharp rise in prices for natural gas and commodities.

The 10,000 expatriates left in Kazakhstan live in fear of the generalization of the episodes in the coming days.

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